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Everlast Everloc Metal Roofing

Attractive Design

The Everloc® panel has the elegant look of traditional style standing seam roofing without the cost or labor of clips or seaming tools. Everloc™’s designed to be installed over a waterproof solid substrate and utilizes a slotted leg for fastening.

Our high-quality, pre-painted metal roofing affords an attractive life cycle cost as they will not crack, shrink, or erode. This makes them a long-lasting alternative to many conventional roofing materials. A homeowner is certain to achieve a designer look from our wide selection of styles and colors, creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance that will have a positive influence on re-sale.

Energy Efficient

Consider the radiant heat reflectance of light colored metal in warm climates, resulting in cooling cost savings. Also, pre-painted metal readily sheds snow and ice, a distinct advantage in high snow areas.

Installation Over Existing Roofs

Pre-painted metal can usually be installed over existing roofs. Disposal of old conventional materials can be difficult and costly. The use of pre-painted metal can often solve this problem.

Superior Strength

The Everloc® panel is 16” (+/- 1/4”) wide with a 1” high seam. This makes it a model choice for residential roofing, mansard and fascia applications. The absence of exposed fasteners and the water-tight side lap allows for applications on roof pitches as low as 3:12. Made with high strength steel, Everloc® resists corrosion with the help of a galvalume coating.

Fire Resistant

Consider the fact that metal doesn’t burn! Non-combustibility should offer protection from external hazards such as windblown sparks or lightning when properly grounded.

Wind Resistant

Properly installed pre-painted metal roofs should not need periodic repair or replacement due to wind damage or storms. Properly installed pre-painted metal roofs do not absorb water or moisture. Water can damage most other roofing materials by rotting or cracking during a freeze-thaw cycle.

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